We are the first all inclusive specialised wedding directory. Our teams are supportive of all people and encourage weddings from different cultures, societies, religions, nationalities, opposite sex and same sex couples. Our goal is that all couples enjoy their special day; their Wedding Day!

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Australia’s first all inclusive specialised wedding vendor collection

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Our wedding directory works actively with vendors that are supportive towards all people from different cultures and societies of both opposite sex and same sex couples. The teams at BBA, PWA, BGA, & GGA are dedicated to promote each vendor through our specialised sites and social media platforms.
Our aim is to connect couples with vendors that have the passion to make dream weddings come true. Vendors are selected by their understanding that all people wish that their big day is filled with joyful tears and love, and their day is shared with family and friends. Being a vendor comes with the responsibility to make all couples feel welcome, patiently working together to create life time memories.
Million Dollar Wedding – Luke & Damien
Be inspired by Luke and Damien’s ‘White Luxe Country Wonderland’ Million Dollar Wedding, soon to be seen on the
Channel 7 show Extreme Weddings later in the year.